From Concept to Reality: The Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

August 24th, 2017 by

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

Can I buy the VW I.D. Buzz?

Here at Kuhn Volkswagen, we have a love-hate relationship with concept cars. We love all the hope that they give us for the future. It’s concept cars that let us know what is really on the mind of automotive designers and some of the features that could really happen, even if the production vehicles themselves will never be for sale. But sometimes we really, really want them to go on sale. Which is why so many VW enthusiasts have been asking, “Can I buy the I.D. Buzz.” So far, we’ve had to break some hearts by saying it’s just a concept, but it doesn’t look like that will be the case any longer.

When you’ll be able to buy the Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

The Buzz on the street is that his little futuristic take on the T2 will go into production and hit dealerships in 2022. We know if you’re on the market for a new car now, that’s not the most convenient timing. May we interest you in a lease to hold you over?

We realize 2022 is a long time out, and anything could happen between now and then, but there’s a reason for the delay. Volkswagen wants to unveil a whole host of practical electric cars, and they can only be practical if the range is right and the infrastructure is in place. VW sees California as the heart of the hippie culture and surfing lifestyle, but right now California is possibly the only place where EV charging stations are truly practical.

We don’t want to see another EV roll out that only takes place in coastal states, and we’re sure many other drivers don’t either. Aside from the EV aspect, the I.D. Buzz is meant to be at least partially autonomous. One of the big things for all VW concepts this year has been the steering wheel, which is supposed to collapse in for fully autonomous driving. Volkswagen hopes that by 2022, cars will at least be partially autonomous under good weather conditions and on established roadways. In addition to this model, Volkswagen wants to release the I.D. Concept car and a cargo van version of the Buzz.

Are you excited for the 2022 I.D Buzz, or is that too little, too late? Share your thoughts with a comment here at the Kuhn Volkswagen Blog.

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