VW Personalization Options Previewed

October 25th, 2017 by

VW personalization options

Are personalization functions coming to VW models?

There are many fun things about relationships, and they say sharing is caring.  We hope that you care very much for your significant other, but we also understand if sharing your vehicle isn’t one of your favorite things. Many of us expect things to be just how we left them, but this isn’t usually the case if you switch off using a car. Chances are, you have very different tastes when it comes to the radio, and you almost definitely need to adjust the seat and mirrors every time. Or do you? Volkswagen has flaunted some personalization functions in some of its European models, which has us wondering if this could be a preview of what’s coming up for future VW models here in the U.S.

What settings can be personalized in VW?

Here’s what we know so far. In European versions of the Golf, Tiguan and Passat, as well as some models not available in the U.S. (The Arteon, T-Roc and Touran), automatically retrievable personal data is now an available feature. So what does this data include?

Within the vehicle settings, which can be accessed through the infotainment system, a username can be created to create a custom experience. These usernames are associated with the specific car key of each driver, so if you borrow your husband’s or wife’s keys, you’ll be experiencing life behind the wheel as they prefer it. It’s essentially a driving profile that can adjust the memory of the driver’s seat, exterior mirrors, preferred A/C settings, navigation settings, radio stations, multifunction display, parking assist and much more.

Many of the features that are adjusted are only available on high trim levels. For example, driver assistance systems are listed among the features that would automatically be adjusted (do you hate lane assist, but your partner depends on it? It’ll stay off on your profile, but remain active on theirs).

It may be a small convenience for some, but it’s one we hope to see here soon. What do you think of driver-specific profiles? Share your thoughts with a comment here at the Kuhn Volkswagen Blog.